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Jun 28,  · How to Pick the Best Country to Visit in Southeast Asia Tijuana's Lucha Libre Is Like Watching a Live-Action Comic Book Vietnam is known as one of . While it is quite an expensive place to live, I’d say Singapore is the best Asian country to live in. It is a developed country - as developed as France, Germany, the . 10 Best countries to live in Asia Waqas Ahmad December 3, Quality of Life No Comments To live in Asia is a great thing even for Westerners; it only matters which country you choose for your living.

Best asian country to live
Best asian country to live

Cost of living in Asia is not that high as compared to the Western Countries. Moreover, some of the countries in Asia are peaceful and safe for people to live in. Japan, Singapore, and the Philippines are a few of the most peaceful countries with best asian country to live low crime rate and high index of human safety. Japan is best asian country to live of ten most peaceful countries in the World. I have compiled a list of 10 best countries to live in Asia; the list is based on a few merits such as quality of life, cost of living, safety, and environment.
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