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Gay the beggars opera analysis
Gay the beggars opera analysis

Even though it is called an opera, the songs are arranged as ballads rather than operatic scores, and the content not only pokes fun at the real operas gay the beggars opera analysis with the English upper class at the time, but also summarizes in an amusing way the double standards and bigotry of 18th-century politics and society. Peachum, a shady character with his feet planted on both sides of the law, determines who should be sent to the gallows and who should be saved through bribes. His wife, a prostitute, listens to his litany of crime and debauchery and defends one of her favorite customers, when news breaks that their daughter Polly has married a notorious robber. Peachum is displeased with the arrangement since he will lose the services of his daughter, who is involved in his own dubious business dealings. He soon hatches plans with his wife about how to profit from gay the beggars opera analysis marriage by murdering the newlywed husband so that Polly can inherit his wealth. While the older Peachums are out, looking for Macheath to be killed, the daughter hides her husband. Victoria silv new nude gall then aids his escape but not before demanding assurances that he really loves her since she is suspicious over his womanizing.
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Gay the beggars opera analysis
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