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Ever wonder what it would be like to have an orgasm with your mind? This meditation technique will get your there in no time. How To Experience A Mindgasm That Rivals Your Most INTENSE Orgasms. Oct 04,  · I can think myself to orgasum. Here is how I did it. Sign in to follow this. Followers 8. Some may ask what does thinking your self to orgasm have to do with taoism. We'll I am trying to do solo cultivation so I think if one has direct control over there sex hormones from the brain to do solo cultivation. That would give them an advantage. Thinking Yourself to Orgasm Barry Komisaruk. 06 November, Question: So, one question is whether women who can think themselves to orgasm, do they think their genital activation that the.

Thinking your self to orgasm
Thinking your self to orgasm

The idea is to focus on sexual fantasies and specific scenarios that may be significant to you. For example, you can draw inspiration thinking your self to orgasm erotic films or literature. The breath is the vehicle for pleasure. In other words, it is the thread through which arousal travels through the entire body. Hence, pay careful attention to your breathing. It should be deep and fluid at all times, never short or choppy.
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Thinking your self to orgasm
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