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SPEECH AT NUDE SUMMER OF LOVE PARADE BY GYPSY TAUB: Dear body freedom lovers, our Nude Parade is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love! The hippie movement was born here, in San Francisco. It sent such powerful ripples of love throughout our whole planet that it changed the world forever. Valentines Nude Love Parade. While you’ll have to be in San Francisco on February 13th to enjoy this parade, it’s still a great opportunity to gather with like-minded people and enjoy a day without clothes. This parade made its inaugural outing on Feb. 13, , but it was so well-received that is a go. Valentine's Nude Love Parade organized by the Body Freedom Network was the very first in history of San Francisco. We plan to make it an annual event and inspire other cities to do the same.

San francisco love parade + naked
San francisco love parade + naked

We are going to have a fully permitted parade with police escort. Instead of bullying, assaulting, citing and arresting us the SFPD will be escorting us and blocking traffic for us!!! The more we hide from our true selves the more separated we become from ourselves and from each other. True love knows no judgement, no hate, no separation! True self love means accepting yourself fully just the way you are, true self love means being completely free from shame in all san francisco love parade + naked forms including body shame. Drop your pants or skirts! Take it off and join our parade!
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San francisco love parade + naked
San francisco love parade + naked
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