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Pain at top of bottom watch online

I have the same pain now and the drs thought it was my sciatic nerve but the mri was negative. Thats a good thing but we still dont have an anwer.. Its at the top op my butt crack and goes down to the middle and sometimes bottom of my butt cheek. It hurts worse to sit down or squat or anything of that nature. Doctors give trusted, helpful answers on causes, diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and more: Dr. Sampat on back pain top of spine: There are a lot of structures in that area that can cause pain including the intervertebral discs, the lumbar facet joints, and the SI joints. Many conditions and diseases can cause pain in the buttocks, commonly known as butt pain. Causes of pain in the buttocks range from temporary annoyances, such as bursitis, bruising, piriformis syndrome, muscle strain, and shingles, to more serious diseases with long-term consequences, such as cancer, arthritis of the sacroiliac joints, and herniated disc with sciatica.

Pain at top of bottom
Pain at top of bottom

Guest over a year ago. I have a high pain tolerance, but this is bothering me too much. It registers in my mind as feeling like a tight spot or nub, but there does not seem to be an actual visible injury to that area. I cannot walk, sit, lay down, or even shift a little without a shooting and stabbing pain there. Even when I find a semi-comfortable position where the pain is at least bearable, there pain at top of bottom still a stabbing throbbing pain.
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Pain at top of bottom
Pain at top of bottom
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