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Marilyn Monroe took the first place in our list of 10 Greatest Female Sex Symbols in World of Cinema of All Time. She still rules our imagination and heart even after 50 years of her death. She is the most popular sex symbol even today. Mar 23,  · Elizabeth Taylor became one of the most famous film actresses of all time and was considered one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the big screen. 50 Biggest Gay Sex Symbols of All Time. By Glenn Garner. Montgomery Clift. Gregory Peck. James Dean. Marlon Brando. Paul Newman. Tab Hunter. Robert .

Sex symbols of all time
Sex symbols of all time

Not every talented actress is desired for their charm and look. There are few great actresses, sex symbols of all time have been able to make the shift from a solid performer to being desirable by their fans. The actress can be known as a sex symbol if they have been desired by the male fans for their seductive look. The list is compiled by taking an account of overall performance of an actress. She still rules our imagination and heart even after 50 years of her death.
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Sex symbols of all time
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