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wild hair unknown Sudden decision that is not expected. Grisham said the judge from N.Y. got a wild hair and set up his own outfit in Memphis After our marriage, my wife got a wild hair and got involved with the Nudist Movement. Jun 18,  · Is it “A wild hair up my ass,” or “A wild hare up my ass”? I don’t understand either one of them. Anyone that can explain the phrase to me, please let me know. Anyway, I haven’t posted in awhile, but I’ve been busy. A hair up your ass (generally a long hair) feels really strange, especially when you pull it out. Maybe it's used like "he feels strange [because there's a hair up his ass] so he did X". "Wild" could just refer to it being a stray hair.

Wild hair up his ass
Wild hair up his ass

Anyone that can explain the phrase to me, please let me know. Anyway, Againmy daughter and I were sitting here a couple days ago, talking about how we should swap the dining room for the family room……. I was trying to think of where my Hoosier Hutch would go in the swap. I wild hair up his ass thinking, if only the counter pulled out far enough, I could use it as a sewing cabinet………………. Give a nice hearty welcome to the newest addition to the studio! As it turns out, the countertop does pull out far enough, and the sewing machine fits perfectly behind the rollup door.
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Wild hair up his ass
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