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Can A Vagina Be Too Big? These women showed an un-stimulated vaginal length of 2 ¾-3 ¼ inches, with a ¾ inch width at the back of the vagina. During the sexual excitement phase the vaginal lengths increased to 3 ¾- 5 ¾ inches, with the width at the back of the vagina being 2 ¼-2 ½ inches. As a big advocate of resistance/weight. The penis and vagina have several crucial distinctions, but here's one we don't talk about nearly often enough: The vagina is a muscle. Having a lot of sex doesn't make it bigger and looser, it. Home > Sexual Health > I have really big vagina lips and it makes me really insecure because they gross me out, do guys think it's gross? Most Helpful Opinion(mho) Rate. Learn more.

I have a big vagina
I have a big vagina

The vast, vast majority of guys don't care at all. Some very small percentage of guys will not like it, just like some only like big boobs, or small boobs, or big butts, or whatever. But that's their issue, not yours. Vulvas are no different than any other body part: As a guy, that's what makes women's bodies wonderful and amazing, and exploring them and learning their differences is a big part of what makes sex fun and exciting. You should know that in some places, "soft core" magazines are i have a big vagina and photoshopped to make all girls look like they have an "innie" or "hot dog bun", but that's not because it's what guys want, or what is i have a big vagina or less attractive, but because they have to in order to get pictures of vulvas past the censors.
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I have a big vagina
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