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Red Penis Rash. Red penis rash is common to occur during someones lifetime and varies with age and setting, it can be many things. Balanitis is one of the most common, and is a natural infection under the foreskin, which is the most common reason for a red penis. A rash around the head of the penis can mean several different things. The most common skin finding there is a benign condition known as Pearly Penile Papules. These are tiny bumps that can either be white, pink, or sometimes red that are not painful or itchy. often located in the area around the mouth, chin, and nose a wide array of skin and mucous membrane symptoms that range from rashes to ulcers red .

Red rash around mucous membrane of penis
Red rash around mucous membrane of penis

There are multiple conditions that can cause a rash on the penis or in the groin. Rashes are commonly itchy and can be caused by something as simple as an irritation to certain soaps or something as complex as an infection caused by fungus, an STD or pubic lice. Scabies are mites that can be passed from close contact with an infected individual, including sexual contact. The mite bites leave red itchy spots that resemble a rash on many parts of the body, including the groin and genitals. Pubic lice, also known as red rash around mucous membrane of penis, can leave red dotted spots that look like a rash. It is caused by the lice bites, and sometimes the lice themselves can be seen in the groin.
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Red rash around mucous membrane of penis
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