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Fingertip Injuries/Amputations. Posted on Aug 04th, / Published in: Hand/Fingers/Thumb Injuries to the fingertips happen all too often at home, on the job and during play. Traumatic Hand and Finger Amputations In addition, the patient must be informed that he or she will not awaken from surgery with a normally functioning hand. Replantation of the amputated segment commits the patient to a long and tedious rehabilitation program to obtain maximal hand function. Be sure to ex-plain this prolonged process to. Depending on the severity of your finger or hand amputation, your treatment team may also include psychologists and social workers. Caring for a hand or finger amputation at home. After a finger or hand amputation, it’s imperative you go to all of your appointments because follow-up care is an essential component of your safety and treatment.

Thumb amputated at home rehab
Thumb amputated at home rehab

Creating prosthesis, having realistic skin surface and seamless visual integration with the surrounding tissues, requires both artistic and technical skill. Prosthesis is especially useful in case of lost body parts, as thumb amputated at home rehab surgery cannot fully restore aesthetics. This case report describes a simple technique for fabricating silicon finger prosthesis for a patient. Trauma to the finger or the hand is one of the most common types of injury resulting in deformity, altered aesthetics thumb amputated at home rehab psychological disturbances. Skilled hand surgeons can sometimes reattach the finger or thumb using microsurgery. Although this is the first choice of treatment, however when it is contraindicated or unaffordable, the prosthetic rehabilitation of the amputed part is considered for improving the aesthetics and the psychological status of the patient.
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