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The Favourite contains Emma Stone's first nude scene, which was her idea. The script did not call for nudity, but Stone insisted that it would help the scene and push the limits of her character. My favorite part of their scene came toward the end. Maggie was fucking Ray from behind. Then Ray stealthily reached between Maggie’s legs and started rubbing her clit. Dec 28,  · The film marked a major first for Stone, as she insisted on doing her first nude scene. The star opened up about that experience during a roundtable interview .

Doing my first nude scene
Doing my first nude scene

For me, a lack of clothing seems to have followed me in my adventures in acting from the start. In one of my first acting classes my scene partner and I did a scene in our underwear in front of the class. Talk about a terrifying experience. I ran around topless in a tribal sarong in my first doing my first nude scene, "Attack of the Bat Monsters" in late autumn. Even for a guy, it gets a bit perky, ya know?
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Doing my first nude scene
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